Cel Phones, Get’em While They’re Hot

Yeah don’t you hate it when today’s batteries get hot from extened use? I mean driving around talking w/ my hands free kit, I sometimes feel like i should be holding my cel phone in front of the A/C vent. And it’s not just cel phones, my Dell laptop (Hey Dell it’s a LAP-top, not a “passive cooling system”-top) is constantly trying to start my left pant leg on fire. It’s easy to tell where the CPU in this thing is: it’s the part glowing white hot… and speaking of pants and fire: a woman’s cel phone battery exploded in her back pocket and caught her pants on fire.

I like the part where they say “The girl was in a kitchen and near a pot of water, so the flames were quickly extinguished” — like water is not easily accessible in a kitchen if it not poised at the ready in a pot.