Aaaaahhhh, A Snowflake!

I have learned that a Principal at an elementary school has gone out of his overly PC mind… Yup he banned Christmas and more this year. “You won’t see any Christmas Trees, Snowmen, or snow flakes around here. We like to keep it generic… so we don’t offend anyone.”

Uh right, well I and 95% of the Americans that celebrate the 25th (weither as CHRIST-mas or as the gift giving good cheer Christmas) are OFFENDED! This is where we need to step up and smack down these over-reacting force-their-beliefs-on-everyone-else (in the name of not forcing others beliefs on anyone of course.) ______es (fill-in-the-blank)! There is a LOT to swat at here so I will go down the numbers:

1) Wake up buddy, MOST people celebrate Christmas weither it’s with Advent and Luke chapter 2 OR swapping gifts with friends and family OR if it’s just being off work, avoiding in-laws, and drinking egg nog — MOST people celebrate Christmas! Aren’t we in a democracy — is that not rule of the majority?

2) Christmas Trees are a secular addition to a religious holiday. Heck it wasn’t long ago that Christians were ticked off with the over commercialization of their celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ. Now they are the ones filling the trenches as the fringe left is trying to save some unknown offended minority from the evil pine smells and painful colors of light eminating from the tree of vileness. Don’t they realize that they are the ones that got the tree in there in the first place? (much better than a manger right?)

3) Snow men are a WINTER symbol. Now i realize that there is a connection between Christmas and Winter… schools now call Christmas break, Winter break — but again THIS was to stop the offensiveness… can you then use that swap out as a connection to the thing you are protecting against? If you can doesn’t that mean that you will never escape the problem? Call winter break mid-school break and that will be linked to winter break which in turn is linked to Christmas break and therefore someone somewhere is surely offended – Gasp! – sigh – and these people wonder why us common folk look on them with such contempt, enlighted and superiour though they are….

4) SNOW FLAKES OCCUR IN NATURE! If you are offended by snow flakes then i suggest you move to Floridia or better yet: look into heavy medication because you have some serious issues. What else can one say about that? They’re snow flakes. Get over it!

When people do off-the-deep-end things like banning snow flakes to protect the innocent… I think we as a society need to respond with zero tolerance. I think this guy needs to lose his job. Ok, ok if someone can go and plainly tell him that he is an idiot and he will lift his ban on winter and such then fine he can stay. I guess we all can do dumb things. Somehow, though, i suspect that he will refuse to change his mind — probably because he knows better than the rest of us how to do things. It’s hard to ban snow flakes and not have that kind of attitude. Which is why i say “fire him”. If the school board won’t elect those that will. I don’t care how good this guy is as an administrator… when you are banning snow flakes you are NOT MENTALLY STABLE. You need professional help. You need to “seek vocational opportunities elsewhere”.