U.S. Stingy, France Froogle?

A member of the UN has criticized the U.S. for being stingy in it’s relief efforts after the Tsunami. This is in spite of the fact that the United States has already pledged $35 Million to the cause, the largest of any nation. France by comparision has pledged $136,000, but no one seems to be giving them grief.

But the numbers are actually much farther apart than that: The U.S. is spending Millions to quickly airlift in large amounts of food and other aid in ADDITION to the $35M in monetary aid. Also, unlike Norway where the UN critic is from, all charitable contributions do not flow through the government. American Citizens have historically and will again I’m sure give millions of dollars without government direction to aid groups such as the red cross to help the countries and people affected by this natural disaster.

UPDATE: Apparently France noticed that most countries were giving cash amounts with a few more 0s and have now upped their donation to 1.3 Mil.