Rip(off) It!

For those of you that yet believe that you can make money doing just about anything… and you know who you are, Mike. I submit the following: will rip your CDs to MP3s for you. Yes for the stupid and the lazy, you are now free of the burden of a few mouse clicks to transform old skewl "digital" CDs into iPod fodder. Prices start at $139 for 100 CDs, but most people's CD collections will approach the $1/CD conversion fee. How it works:

  • You place your order.
  • Ship them all of your CDs.
  • They pay some chimp $5/hour to use the same CD->MP3 software available online for free.
  • They ship you back your CDs and a stack of CD-Rs with MP3s on them.
  • Wait! now I need a CD-R to Hard Drive service! Seriously. Too lazy to rip your own CDs? Time to valuable? Why not hire your little brother or the neighborhood kid – pay THEM $5/hr – and save yourself half the cost? Not to mention getting your MP3s in a a day or two instead of a week or two.

I give them:

for an original spin to an existing problem. I have to take the rest of the stars away since, not enough iPod owners are short on MP3s… or else why would they have bought an iPod? Oh wait it's white!! and cool!! But wait, so is the Shuffle. Now if they created a strategic alliance with Apple to send their service to all Shuffle owners (who obliviously like to overpay for products) and then get them to "need" an iPod with their big stack of MP3s… both companies would win and that would be worth at least 2 stars for cleverness.