Affordable Helo

An inventor has created a new type of Helocopter. It has 2 distinct advantages. 1) It's cheap, relatively speaking, at only $50,000… not much more than a decked out SUV these days. 2) It's much easier to fly. Normal helocopters have only one blade to create lift. This creates the need for the rotor on the tail to counter-act the spin induced by -well- physics. The AirScooter uses a 2 blade system so the spin on the 'copter canceled out as the blades spin in opposite directions. This removes the need to have foot pedals that constantly adjust the power to the tail rotor. So you end up with a flying machine with motorcylce style handlebars and nothing else. One other perk: no pilots license required (again lowering the overall cost). Though my guess is part of the reason you don't have to have a license is that it is a single seater… so if you go off and get yourself killed — well that's really your fault now isn't it? There is a video at the main site.