Happy 4th!

As I was out on the lake celebrating the 4th, I reflected on my love of the South. The South can be summed up in a great cookout. Sharing good times and great food with friends and family while out in the beautiful hills of Tennessee — That's the South. Now a yankee tried to point out that she had similar cookouts up in Jersey, but it's not the same. You see in the South, we have a special affinity for food. Love of friends and family have long intermingled with food. Its not about a particular item… the perfect burger or the perfect cannoli… it's about the perfect MEAL. And beyond that… its about SHARING the perfect meal with those close to you and even more — sharing that meal enjoying the beauty of nature and reflecting… on how truely good we all have it. That is what I love about the South. Happy 4th of July! And thanks to all the troops that won and defend our independance!