Dick Durban & Jesus

So apparently there is a school that is near a school where a former CNN correspondent takes his kid. At this first school in Marietta, GA there is a bench, and the bench says "Jesus Loves You". The CNN correspondant noticed this one day and immediately contacted the school to inquire about the legalities of such a "overly religous" bench. Which of course is quite a nebulous question after the unambiguous ruling from the Supreme Court on the Ten Commandments. Now, Rush Limbaugh heard about this story and thought they should change the bench to "Allah Loves You" because then no one will be able to change it. This, of course, is a crack at the overtly religous treatment of the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Where we give the detainees a Karan and a prayer mat and religiously appropriate meals — that have been blessed by a Muslim cleric, of course. But I think I have one better. In spirit of Dick Durban's appology for his Nazi comments (see yesterday if you missed them): Some may believe my remarks crossed the line. To them I extend my heartfelt apologies… I offer my apologies for those who were offended by my words… – Dick Durban (emphasis added) I think they should change the bench to say this: "Jesus Loves You, Unless This Offends You, Then He Doesn't". That's so great, I think I'll claim full copyright to it and make some T-shirts. :D This statement mocks the whole PC attitude that is choking our culture AND points out just how rediculous the stamping out of Christianity has become. Eight-year-old girls dressed like soror-stitutes (sorority + prostitute), welfare recepiants with better medical coverage than working people and the claim that the 9/11 victims deserved it. — THESE are offensive. How does one rationalize being offended by a statement that a diety cares about you? And this "undo influence" arguement is laughable as well… Yes I was walking along, keeping to my secular humanistic self, when I saw this bench, and well, it changed my life! Everything became clear and I've been a born-again right-wing Christian zealot every since… Right.

UPDATE: For those of you actually worried about how such a bench would end up at a public school here's how it happened: The school ran a fundraiser and a Christian organization donated money required to get an engraved bench. It's actually quite appropriate since the benches are oft left in memory of someone or simply state the name of the person that provided the money for it. In this case it was both. But instead of simply inscribing the name of that person, they instead put his name and his feelings about others. (They probably had to pay extra for those extra letters).