70s Flash Back

So I got a taste of the 70s oil crisis today. Stopping at a gas station before a trip up North, I noticed several pumps with bags on them and a plethora cars at the other pumps. I found an open pump and pulled up. I soon discovered the pumps with bags were not defective — just out of gas. Mine was close. I was able to buy 29 cents of 87 octane before it went dry. The sad thing was that was less than 1/10 of a gallon. Then I switched to 89 octane and finished it off with a mere $4. Finally, I switched 92 as I really need more than a gallon of gas to make my trip. Unsurprisingly, there was plenty of 92. Nothing like gas breaking $3/gal for people to reconsider weither their car "needs" the good gas. So after a sum total of $35 to fill my tank for a 200 mile drive, I took a brief moment to thank the Lord for my corporate gas card. (never leave home without it)