U2 & Idolaters

So I attended a U2 concert recently and I’d give it:

The Good: U2 always puts on a great show. And one of the great things about U2 is that they have so many “hits” that they have more than enough great songs to keep you rocking the entire concert. I’ve heard that not too long ago Lou Bega performed his hit “Mambo Number 5” twice at his concert. (can you blame the 1-hit-wonder?)

The Bad: U2 has gotten a little preachy. Now don’t get me wrong, Bono is one of the few celebrities that can respectably push his views on others. He has been a champion for peace for years and his Country has a history that further supports such efforts. So Bono, use your concert soapbox to push your cause du jour, fine. But pick ONE ok? (no pun intended) Let’s see U2 wants to support the troops, end the war, fight AIDs in Africa, forgive debts to 3rd world countries, create a universal bill of rights, oh and END poverty. Did I leave out the part about convincing Jews, Christians and Muslims that we all brothers serving the same God. Yeah, like I said.. a tad bit preachy. (Never mind that while the One campaign plans to do most of this through US tax dollars… that money really does have to come from somewhere – even though people tend to forget that fact.)

A funny side note: On my way into the concert I saw a street preacher — one of several actually. Anyway, this particular street preacher was wearing a wooden placard warning the gamut of sinners. You know: idolaters, adulterers, fornicators, drunkards, revilers, and get this “general heathens”. It actually said general heathens… I guess that’s a good, biblical sounding, catch all.