Insurgents Kill Cars – Not People

“BAGHDAD, Iraq – Twelve car bombs exploded around Iraq on Sunday, including eight in Baghdad that detonated within a three-hour window, as insurgents continued their attacks in the new year… killed no one.” – AP12 cars, 0 people. Seriously, isn’t this getting to the point where we just start laughing at these guys instead of trying to make them seem scary enough for the news? Iraqis are far more likely to be killed while driving their car then if it happens to blow up.

I mean REALLY. This could have been the story right here in the US last night: “Police were out in force last night, but unable to stop the violence as explosions when off in major cities around the country…” For those scratching your heads: The Police were out for the all the DUIs on New Years… Explosions that don’t hurt anyone — we call those “fireworks”. Here. But in Iraq they are a reason to pull out the troops and beg the Jihadists for forgiveness. You know, lest they aim their bottle rockets in our direction.