Illegals & Faxes

The illegal immigration issue continues to rage, as the Senate debates amnesty provisions in the McCain/Kenndy bill. If you would like to support reducing the illegals crossing the borders (some of whom may be coming here to sell drugs as members of international gangs or even bomb us as terrorist — they don’t all just pick fruit.) and actually enforcing the law as it exists…

You should check out You can sign up and send faxes to your congressmen with a few mouse clicks. If you want to be more involved you can customize your faxes to say exactly what you want to say. Want to do more? They list contact info for the people that represent you so you can call, write, and email them as well. Get involved.

A few minutes of you time could save you huge amounts of tax dollars by reducing the illegals getting Social Security and Welfare checks — not to mention the insurance costs of illegal immigrants getting emergency room services (someone’s gotta pay those docs & nurses). Another drain that is so far out it’s funny: in some states illegal immigrants can get IN STATE tution to go to college… American’s from other states can’t but non-citizens from other countries SURE! Why not? We wouldn’t want to “trample on their rights” but just don’t think to much about your rights… your only a tax paying, vote casting, citizen.

The best bill in the Senate is by far the one put out by Sen. Frist. His bill has enforcement position similar to the House’s bill, but allows for the doubling of Green Cards. Remember green cards? The legal way to enter the States and work and chase the American dream? It actually makes sense to increase the green cards if we start actually enforcing our immigration laws. It would reduce the number illegals and replace them (somewhat) with law abiding visitors (who like to work as well). Truth be told, we could probably increase the green card by 4 or 5 times if we really got serious about enforcement. This would fill the labor demand created by fewer illegals but still allow more jobs for American’s will fewer skills and little education (the unemployment rate for American’s without a High School diploma is 14%). It would also increase the number of tax payers and reduce the number of people on Government assistance. BOTH of which will reduce the tax burden on us the hard working middle class Americans.