Calling All Senators

Well the Senate is already patting themselves on the back for their big compromise that will only grant Amnesty to 80% of the illegal immigrants in our country that have been here at least 2 years. Unfortunately, any part of the remaining 20% smart enough to claim they’ve been here at least two years will also be granted amnesty since we have no record of when they entered the country. So what is being celebrated? Apparently the belief that enough spin, smoke and mirrors have been created to fool the American people into thinking that this bill/amendment isn’t amnesty.

The surprising thing is that the measure hasn’t actually been voted on, leaving a scant amount of time for the voters to express their displeasure before shifting focus on the next election cycle. I myself have repeated called, faxed, and emailed both of my Senators. Hopefully they will listen – overlooking 11 MILLION law breakers is out of control.

You have until the vote tomorrow to make yourself heard.

The thing that I can’t get over is the fact that the Senate seems afraid of this future voting block of illegals made citizens. The crazy thing is tha the only way they become citizens is if the Senate caves into them. Strange.