Will Republicans Cave On Immigration?

Monday the 21st could be a historic day in America. It could be the day that the most sweeping immigration bill ever passes. Leading the way for 12-20 MILLION illegals to start the road to becoming US citizens while INCREASING the number of immigrants in this country by as much as 50 million over the next 5 years.

“Comprehensive” immigration reform indeed!

What makes today a day to watch is weither Republicans allow this bill to get through the Sentor’s procedural vote process. This is the area where the Republicans still have great deal of control. As many American’s probably remember from Supreme Court nominations, 60 Senators are required pass procedural hurdles. With Democrats in control of 51 seats (including the two indies that caucus with them), that means 9 Republicans have to agree to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. Since McCain’s name is on the bill we’re really only talking about 8 out 48 Republicans caving.

The sad part is that the underlying motivation seems to be adding the illegals to the voting public along party lines. And both parties seem convinced the citizens will vote with their party. The tragedy is that polls have over 80% of the American people AGAINST this bill. Senators that publicly supported this bill have been “Booed” South Carolina and Georgia. But apparently a crack at 12 million+ new voters is more important than angering the current voters.

Rush Limbaugh said last week that if this bill passes it will destroy the Republicans in the 08 elections. Perhaps job loss fear will steady the Republicans hands if their constituents’ calls and letters won’t.

Don’t worry though, the ARO doesn’t play favorites. We’re watching both the Dems and the Repubs up on the hill and will remind our readers who voted how come ballot time…

* TN Senators Alexander & Corker were not available for comment at the time of this writing

UPDATE: Senator Corker’s office got back to us and promised that the Senator planned to try and block the bill procedurally with a “Nay” cloture vote. And he lived up to that promise.