Could Superbowl Sunday Change Super Tuesday?

Sunday, the Giants completed the ultimate Cinderella Story: a wild card team, not only makes it to the superbowl, but prevents what would have been only the 2nd perfect season in NFL history. And it was a great game right down to the last minute score to win the game. This was one of the rare moments where a ARO staffer could be called un-patriotic…

But seriously, as the big day in Primaries ramps up this morning – could the underdog spirit spillover from Sunday? Certainly Obama’s camp has positioned itself in this manner. And it has worked well up to this point. Meanwhile, pundits have been calling the race as McCain’s for longer than he’s actually been leading.

American’s love underdogs – that can win. It’s really about perceived critical mass going today. I would wager 20-30% of the vote today will hinge on how close people believe the race is. The closer the perception of the gap is – the more those crucial votes will go to Obama and Romney.