iKindle Review

Well today I finished my first full length ebook, Ender in Exile, with the help of my Kindle iphone app.  In a word: I love it – ok that’s 3 words.  The iKindle is great because I can read in bed without the muss semi-direct lamp light.  I can also spend “dead time” reading a good book instead of “wasting” time with game or web site that I wouldn’t bother with if I wasn’t waiting in line (or whatever).  As I am now looking for my next read, I have discovered that you can now get free samples of Kindle books – a great way to try before you buy.

Problems with iphone ebooks? 1) Back light.  This can be handled by turning the brightness WAY down (or off in the case of late night reading).  Being able to select an off white color would help in this area. 2) Landscape.  Without landscape mode, you can’t set the font too large or you get a bunch of hypenated or excessively spaced words.  This should be an easy upgrade for Amazon.

eBook vs Real Books… You have to give up underlining/highlighting of text when you go iKindle.  The impact of this is largely based on if you are researching or not in your reading.  However, I would estimate that I will read about 2x as fast from start to finish on average books, because of the ability to capture all those dead moments in life and read something you want instead of what’s available.