Dual Screen Netbook Now Available

kohjinsha-dz.jpgI think this is a great idea overall.  However, I think the 10″ screens with a max vertical resolution of 600px almost defeats the purpose of the double screen.  I mean while this setup is actually 107% of my 24″ monitor wide it is only 50% as tall (pixel wise).  That coupled with the fact that many programs just don’t play well below 720px high makes this not quite as great as one might assume.

Now take this concept and make it a dual 11.6″ setup with a CULV chip and 9400 Nvidia GPU… and that’s a device that would appeal to a certain segment of professionals.  As it stands, this is a not-quite-there product.

If you’re still interested tho – you can grab it for $913 + importing fees.