Meth Math

Meth is made out of Sudafed ? Nasal Decongestant (or the generic equivolent ) and some other ingreditents that don’t really pertain to this story. Anyway the people that make Meth are idiots armed with the Internet — not amateur chemists. Y you ask? The recipe to make Meth online is designed for use with a 24 pack of Sudafed… and therefore (to increase their margins) Sudafed Nasal Decongestant in the 24 pack is a HIGH theft item at drugstores around the country.

Now here is the funny part. The 48 packs (as well as the 96 packs) are NOT. The geniuses seem completely unaware that the 48 pack is the same as 2 of the 24 packs they keep stealing. No wonder they keep blowing themselves up.