Church Signs Silliness

Church signs — you’ve all seen them. Supreme spiritual wisdom straight from the church secretary, brought directly to your car…

I personally hate church signs with their pithy sayings that often rhyme or have repeating letters. Yes if i was briefly made omnipotent, destroying all of the church signs in the world would be one of the first ten things i did, but this is not a rant about how church signs are turning people away from Christianity… instead it’s a way that we can get a little PAYBACK!

That’s right now you too can push your silly sayings on other people with the Church Sign generator. A great device that gives you all the fringe benefits of being a church administrator without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can even order a replica of your favorite church sign as a refrigerator magnet. I have also include a recreation of my favorite church sign EVER… which i actually saw a few weeks ago.

My personal favorite: