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Google Maps Quest

For April 1st Google is pulling several pranks but the best is by far the Quest option on Google maps. Simply visit google maps and on the right click the “Quest” option next to the standard “Satellite” option. Wow, I …

Gunpoint Preview: Best Indie Game Of 2012?

I’ve been beta-testing a new game recently and it’s too good not to share – you know, in a quick review, that is, not the actual game.  Gunpoint is a “game about rewiring things and punching people” according to creator Tom …

8-Bit Games Attack New York

A new video that is a homage to the old 8-bit games of yesteryear, shows off some slick new video processing of today’s 64-bit workstations.

Alienware Gaming “Netbook” Launches This Weekend

Dell showed off it’s smallest Alienware iteration at CES last month but details were scarce.  Now the leaks have been put together here for your enjoyment.  There was some anticipation when everyone believed the the pocket gamer would start at …

Chris Matthews & Howard Dean Call Each Other Crazy

This video is hilarious! If more news was like this A) more people would watch and B) we’d have a more honest government War is breaking out among liberals, and the entertainment value might make Avatar look like a test …

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