Do you hate pithy sayings as much as i do? Some glib rhyming/motivational/alliterated/over-done/inane saying that is often matched with a picture in an attempt to add substence and authority to the “words of wisdom”. Many of these are now excedingly popular in the business realm. I mean, why motivate with a sense of purpose, or people’s paycheck, or even common goals when you can give out pretty, small posters (framed of course) instead?

Now apparently someone, with a similar disposition as my own, has gone out and turned this previous marketing genius on its head. has created a litany of sarcastic, jaded products for those of us not motivated by a sunset and the words like “the value of hard earned money” (which incidently is the EXACT same value of money that was easy to come by). Some examples of their creations are listed below.