It’s finally almost here: a very cool AND affordable robot pal. Sure Sony and Honda have come out with some very cool robots lately… but since i don’t have $15,000 to RENT ONE, I’ve had to just enjoy the video clips of them. RoboSapien is different. At $100 he is within most people’s budget and he is capable of doing more than robots costing 20x as much. I had seen RoboSapien in some tech demos a while back, but I admit I was skeptical. Skeptical that it would be delivered at as low a price as they claimed and/or before 2010. Thankfully they have proven me wrong. Slated for July 1st and available from Amazon and BestBuy, RoboSapien is here to stay.

Can anyone say B-day list? :D

UPDATE 5-30-04: Apparently the RoboSapien is already available at Best Buy Stores and – though it is still listed as “not yet released” on