Tri Update

Today, I was back in the saddle of the bike I know and love. It did take a bit of adjustment since my bike is better -er- different than the MT bikes i used in Guatemala. For instance, I almost lost it when i slammed on the brakes and discovered significantly more gripping power than I had become accustomed to during the last week.

My ride was progressing nicely, I was easily staying at 18-19 mph during the straight-a-ways and keeping my average speed above 17 mph which would give me a time of under 32 minutes. Unfortunately, it had rained and cutting a corner to avoid a jogger onto a bridge caused me to invent the wooden slip’n slide. The wreck nicely bruised my right hip and ripped my rear derailer completely off my bike. The fun part was then carrying my bike back the mile and a half to where I had parked. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get my bike fixed.

6 Mile Bike Time – 32:00 pace

UPDATE: The bike shop had to order parts so I won’t get my bike back until Aug 2nd.