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Since I have maxed out my Bowflex’s 310lb rods on 3 of my strength exercises I need to do three things: 1) order the 100lb upgrade,  2) update my progress, and 3) start a cardio workout. Below is an update …

4 Hour Body: 3 Months Later

About three months ago, I tried out a few of the suggestions in the book: The 4-Hour Body. I adopted the Slow Carb Diet, started photographing my food, took a couple of the suggested herbal supplements* and even a experimented …

Flickr FoodStream

So I am trying out a new idea dieting aid from The 4-Hour Body as part of my Slow Carb diet experiment.   The idea is similar to the written food journals popular with many trainers, however your smartphone’s camera …

We don’t usually plug products here – unless we’re getting a cut of the $$$!  :D If you are a triathlete and want to show some pride for your sport and/or hard ass training regiment, check out “We make …

Since I’m a tri-guy, I can help bragging a little with a triathlete shirt. Via

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Can your cameraphone help you lose weight?

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