More News From The Front

Our embedded correspondent Don has his take on the Election: oh my gosh, i have a few minutes to myself! i don't konw what to do! the elections are over and they were a whopping success despite whatever the bullcrap faggot media may tell you. sorry, i'm very bitter since the only new i ever hear about is the 'bad stuff we do'. well they dont have the pictures of me and lots of other soldiers handing out meals to iraqi police and candy to kids. they also don't tell you that over 60% of the population voted (at least in our area), which is fantastic considering their lives are threatened for it. we pulled down several posters that said if you vote, the streets will be lined with your blood. we did have a few bad things happen, you heard abotu the suicide bomber at quaniquin that killed 5 iraqi police. that bomber had a little boy with with him in the car. some ieds went off, but so far i haven't heard one thing about an american getting hurt.  i wasn't able to contact anyone considering i was running about 19 hours a day during this part of history. so sorry. also i'm sorry that i am putting out mass email since i despise it myself, but i don't have time for anything else. actually, i'm on duty right now. but i am able to do other things while on this duty as long as i have a radio. actually, its just like working at the fire department!  but i am safe. i was scared a few times, but ok. i'll tell you the iraqi police and iraqi army handled most of this themselves. it is a step for them taking control of their own country, which is positive. they are some brave guys. they stand around at checkpoints all the time with no body armor and get shot at.  well, that's it. i will try to write some of you back personally,sorry if i can't get to you all.  don  All men die, some men never really live.