Iraq Election Surprising Success

So as I troll for more and more news the only thing that can be said to sum up the election over in Iraq is SURPRISING success. It went SO WELL that event the those for it (even praying for it) are surprised. The general response was: "Uh, yeah it went… really well…" I even noticed the media tried raising the death toll by including the suicide bombers. 35 people were killed by 9 suicide bombers. Which is tradgic but its rediculous to have headlines that read 44 Die In Elections. And while any death is bad, lets put this in perspective: 8,000,000 people voted in long lines of people (often several people wide) and with guns, motars, and bombs strapped to their chests the terrorists were able to kill 35. That's 0.0004375%. In contrast, drunk drivers in the US killed 46.5 people during the same day. Another thing of note: the turnout for the election is estimated at 60%. At first glance this might not seem HUGE, but it is. It puts the Iraqi Election at historic levels for more stable democracies: WASHINGTON Jan 15, 2005 — Deep divisions over the war in Iraq and intense voter registration drives pushed the 2004 presidential election turnout to 60.7 percent, the highest level since 1968, the Center for the Study of the American Electorate said Friday. — ABC News And how many people were threatening your life at the polls this last election? OK other than P-Diddy.