Those Dear To You

We have another excellent FWD. This one really makes you reflect on what’s important. And let’s be honest — it’s the picture that does it. Anyone can weave a sappy tale about things you love and carnage and such… it takes a multimedia presentation to reach my jaded heart.

A friend who I used to live with in San Diego just sent me this photo of a horrible highway accident near Heidelberg, Germany where he lives. The picture may be kind of hard to take for some of you. If you look closely you can see what appears to be some survivors of the accident still in the wreckage. Although the picture is quite graphic, it makes you realize how quickly our loved ones can be taken from us.My friend stayed on the scene to help and even though he performed mouth to mouth on quite a few of them, none apparently survived. Please open with discretion … and think of the ones you love.

Thanks Sarah