Credit Averages

While reviewing my credit report, I found some interesting numbers on the national credit averages. I found some of them surprising. The average American consumer has 5 open credit accounts and 1 late payment on their credit report. The average mortgage balance is $106,782 with an average payment of $1,020. The average auto balance $12,141 with an average payment of $416. Meanwhile, the average total debt in America is $79,884. Uh, do that math… (yeah, I know)

Those numbers don’t seem too out of line to me. What struck me is that the average credit card debt is $1,006. A GRAND! A grand? I don’t know anyone that has a credit card balance of $1K. People I know either DON’T carry a balance on their cards or they owe ten, twenty, THIRTY thousand dollars to Mr. Visa. I guess that just shows how averages can be deceiving. Still these averages can give you a hint as to how enslaved you are to “the man” or your stuff at least.