Drafts Recursive Email Actions For Appigo’s ToDo App

Drafts is a great app for automating tasks on iOS.  That is, saving a few screen taps and/or loading seconds here and there on tasks you do a lot to make yourself more efficient.  Drafts does this through “actions”.  More …

Fixing My Desktop’s Noise & Heat

When Intel released it’s iCore CPUs a few years ago, it was a huge step forward in processing power.  Reading up on how overclockable the the entry level i7 was, I ordered my own and built a new desktop around …

How Far We’ve Come: 35 Years Of Processing Power

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the speed of our computing. While MIPs isn’t a perfect benchmark, as it doesn’t account for the efficiency of the instructions, it will do for our simple comparison.   To put the difference the …

PyTivo Install Instructions

I love pyTivo but the windows install instructions are getting a bit spread around for new users… so here’s the best I could bring it together: Download & Install Python 2.x using defaults (3.x doesn’t work) IF you want …

Longitude and Latitude on Google Maps the Easy Way

There are times in life you want to find the longitude and latitude of a known location.  Google maps does everything else well – why not this?  Soon you discover that what was once a feature of GMaps is now …

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