Green “Nest”

Now, I’m no hippie, but I do love a hot shower… and apparently that – like everything else – is going to kill me with cancer. That’s right cancer. Did you know that you absorb more chlorine through your shower than you do through your tap water? ( – WaterFilterInfo.pdf ) Oh yeah, so all you Brita users out there… we have a new filter for you. is a place for ex-hippies that have tired of eating granola and living in vans but still want to stay true to the movement. Well maybe not, but it lets you greenize your home and protect yourself from all the bad stuff that modern civilation has created in the course of creating -well- modern civilation. For instance there are chemicals in carpet! Who knew? I always though carpet grew next to the peach trees in Georgia. Isn’t that smell we all love to huff in our new cars and homes simply the way it acheives cross-pollination?

Seriously, though. While most problems could be address by opening your windows or going outside occassionally, a few things may grab your eye or give you something else to worry about tonight instead of sleeping.