Diet Tip

Today's Tip: Cut out the Cokes.

I know it's painful… we've been well marketed too… we NEED that bubbly, colored, sugar water.  Or at least we need the caffeine.  :) 

Consider this: a 20 oz bottle of Coke has 250 calories. If you eat out where the servers keep your drinks topped off, it's easy to consume the equivalent of 5 bottles a day without even realizing it.  That's 1250 calories or HALF most people's calorie needs for the day.  Make the switch to water and your body will be happier and you dieting will be EASIER.  Need the caffeine?  Replace your Coke fetish with unsweetened ice tea.

While not as healthy as water or tea, diet Coke is another low cal alternative.  Full cola still too strong a temptation?  Think about the fact that to be "calorie neutral" you'll need to bike 5 miles for each 20 oz of Coke you drink. Suddenly, diet tastes great!

1 thought on “Diet Tip

  1. I gave up regular Coke a long time ago. I limit myself to one diet cola or diet fountain drink per day. The regular is sickeningly sweet to me now and I actually PREFER the diet.

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