4 Hour Body: 3 Months Later

About three months ago, I tried out a few of the suggestions in the book: The 4-Hour Body. I adopted the Slow Carb Diet, started photographing my food, took a couple of the suggested herbal supplements* and even a experimented …

Slow Carb Diet Experiment

So I have been looking for something new to get back down to my “fighting weight” and get ripped just in time for winter.  I recently discovered a new diet plan from Tim Ferriss called the Slow Carb Diet that …

More proof that a third of people have lost their minds: Santa told to slim down for Christmas to ‘set a good example’

I came across this story looking for something completely different, but it was too good to pass up. Meme Roth the President of the National Action Against Obesity wants to sove the obesity problem by having the government OUTLAW all …

That’s right, obesity is getting out of hand in Africa. The World Health Organization is quite concerned. Just don’t correct your mother…. My favorite part of this article is the BEST EVER excuse not to lose weight: "I don’t want …


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Can your cameraphone help you lose weight?

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