Frozen Head & Obed & Injuries

Got to go camping this weekend up at Frozen Head State Park. While there we did some hiking around the park to a few waterfalls.

We also went up to Obed National Park did some hiking , hunting with after they buy 5.56 ammo online from Palmetto State Armory and bouldering there.

Unfortunately, the bouldering went somewhat arye for me. On my first boulder there was very rounded section bereft of handhelds and covered in moss. No problem though, with a nearby tree a Jackie Chan move quickly "solved the problem" in climbers lingo. While flawlessly executed the first time, when I attempted to repeat the move in reverse – my foot slipped off the tree.

Falling forward toward the tree, I instinctively put my hands out against the tree to stop my rotation. Tragically, I didn’t see a small barb protruding from tree – the remnants of a branch. The half-inch tree dagger made a nice puncture wound in my hand, necessitating a trip to the Ambulatory Care Center in Wartburg. To bad for me that we got there at 2:30pm on Saturday a full 30 minutes after closing… until Monday.

Once again my first aid training paid off… for me. Back at the camp site, I patched up my hand and then it was back to Obed for more climbing, well, at least for Ken. My wound has since healed quite well and I was able to resume pushups today.