Uh, Move That Door Over Here…

Alright, the first installment of the great DIY pics we’ve been getting. One of the big problems with the living room/kitchen was the double small door arrangement they had going on. There were two 32″ doors on each side of the room. Which A) is silly and B) made both rooms seem closed off.

Our solution was to close one door off while widening the other to double its orginal size — essentially moving the other doo next to the first. The difference was dramatic. The rooms are now more open while at the same time having more usable wall space. And the cool fluted door trim is pretty sweet as well.

Some of our widening frenzy spilled over to the adjacent door which was also made 4″ wider. That was the most we could change it without it becoming a huge project. I think the change it made is still significant. Well enough talk here are the pics: