DIY projects

Fixing My Desktop’s Noise & Heat

When Intel released it’s iCore CPUs a few years ago, it was a huge step forward in processing power.  Reading up on how overclockable the the entry level i7 was, I ordered my own and built a new desktop around …

Habitat House 2011

We are helping build another Habitat House this July. Last year was a blast so be sure to come out if your interested this year.  You can get more info and sign up here: Habitat Sign Up

Change A Honda Fit Cabin Filter

Newer cars now have a cabin filter on the vent system to remove dust and allergens from your AC.  It’s actually easy to change out yourself in 2-3 minutes.  So pay $20 at your local car parts store instead of …

Breathe New Life Into Your Aging Laptop

My brother’s four year old Dell laptop was really starting to show it’s age running (or attempting to run) today’s software.  Boot times had grown long enough to brew coffee and programs were becoming unbearable to launch. So we set …

Habitat House Going Well

I was able to help out at a Habitat Blitz day recently at it was a blast!  You get the walls up and roof sheeting on all in one day.  Below is pic of me helping Andrea build a support …