Gore’s Green Power

I got this from a source close to the Tennessee Valley Authority:

Anne Paine, Reporter for the Tennessean in Nashville, asked if there has been an increase interest in the Green Power Switch Program because of news stories about Al Gore’s electric bill for his Nashville residence and his use of green power to meet most of his energy needs. She also asked about TVA’s generating sources of green power and when Gore first signed up for GPS. We said there has been a significant increase in GPS signups for the month of March 2007 over March of 2006. We provided information on the GPS generating sources and referred her to our web site. We confirmed that the first request from Gore officials about GPS was August of 2006. We told Paine that TVA completed the GPS process for the Gore residence in August 2006, but she would have to ask Nashville Electric System when the first electric bill with GPS charges was sent to the Gore residence.

FYI – Gore bought the property in ’02, so it’s not like he just moved in and wanted to do his part to save the world nor did the Green Power program only begin in August 2006 – It’s been around for awhile. The timing of it all – the request in August 2006 – I’m sure it had nothing to do with him thinking about running and wanting himself to look good or with his movie that is going to save the world.

– The TVA “Insider”