TCAP Excellence

Here is a great example of Government efficiency:

We are taking TCAPS this week and there was a problem with a question. Now evidently, instead of just throwing the question out when scoring the test they chose the MUCH SIMPLER option: Notify every single middle school in the state of tennessee, and then have the message relayed to every single middle school
teacher in the state of tennessee.

Here is the simple solution offered by the TN Department of Education:

Once you have completed testing this morning. Please have 8th grade students with version 7 test booklet make the following correction. Have them check page 62, question #36 in math and make sure they bubbled on the answer sheet correctly. If a student chose an H or G as the answer to question #36 they need to do the following: (G and H are reversed–have students bubble H in H and G in G) If a student did not chose and H or G answer, then they do not need to do anything. Please read the attached e-mail from the state department. Please let Mr. XXXX know if you have further questions regarding correcting this test booklet and answer sheet error

– XXXX (TN Middleschool Teacher)


Evidently answer G and answer H are BOTH FALSE!  So we had to make sure that students who missed the question got scored missing the question with the appropriate incorrect response.
– XXXX (TN Middleschool Teacher)

Sounds like we need to help out some people in the government — maybe a new bureaucrat left behind program  ;)