Splitting Molecules In The Den

So after hearing about it online and even seeing a HHO Booster working in real life on my good friend’s 4Runner – part of me still couldn’t believe that you could separate water molecules into its component gases so easily.

So I finally got around to grabbing two stainless steel light switch cover plates from Lowes on one of my many visits to the DIY paradise… And you know what? It works.

Using only the two cover plates electrically separated by a bit of styrofoam plate, a water bath with a bit of baking soda, and a couple D batteries I successfully split water in to hydrogen and oxygen. The funny thing is since I didn’t “condition” my plates (get whatever coating must be on them) the gas bubbles all formed along the edge of the plates. But still very cool.

So Hydroxy or HHO is not a scam it actually works. Well at least the water to gas splitting part – wither it will increase gas mileage or usher in a new era remains to be seen.