Chattanooga Dam Triathlon

Well after much preparation and with much prayer support against cramping the day is here!  Put up or shut up time.  My goals this race were 1) finish 2) finish without crawling 3) finish sub 4 hrs.  So call it a trifecta!

  • 1.5k Swim –  35:25
  • Transition 1 – 5:50
  • 42k Bike –  1:37:30
  • Transition 2 – 3:00 – estimate, split was lost due to equipment failure and was included in run time
  • 10k Run – 1:15:41
  • TOTAL – 3:37:26

The crazy thing about this race was the driving rain during a portion of the biking.  Skinny road bike tires have minimal to nonexistent tread.  And hydroplaning at over 30 mph is not something you want to do before a 10k run assuming your bike survives the wipe out.  This kept me at nearer to 25mph instead of 35-40 on a few of the larger hills which added a bit to my time.  But at least I avoided serious injury and there is always next year.