SNL Bailout Sketch

SNL had a funny and truthful sketch. satirizing the bailout mess. If your Tivo missed it youc an watch it below. Apparently it hit too close to home because it’s been yanked from the NBC web site… funny how that never seems to happen when the Republicans are at the brunt of the joke. A few quick facts before the sketch:

  • The couple Herbert and Marion Sandler is actually true to life. They created a sub-prime mortgage company that they sold to Wachovia for $24.2 billion
  • Our readers should already be aware that Bush (and to a lesser extent McCain) warned about Freddy & Fannie only to be defeated by the Democrats led by Barnie Frank
  • I’m sure Soros is making bank on this crisis (tho not all $700B), but lets not forget Warren Buffet who grabbed a $5B piece of the pie at a guaranteed 10% return forever at a time when most stock holders are feeling ill. Which is great (i love capitalism as much as anyone), but  remember that the next time he gets preachy on “fairness” and “equality” amongst the classes.

I also found it funny that SNL sooo often makes fun of Bush’s intelligence that they had to have another (Democratic) character confirm that he was right so you didn’t miss the joke. Now enjoy the 8 minute show:

The feed from YouTube keeps getting put up and yanked so here’s another source: