I’m Back!

Whew. It is FINALLY getting warm enough to bike again. Which is great since, I HATE running. This winter has been frought with work-overload and knee issues — both of which contributed a lack of miles logged on my new treadmill. Which is why  the miles that were never quite made it here since they were -uh- shameful.  (Here’s the readers digest: 2-4 miles a pop at around an 10-12min/mile pace) The best cure I have found for my knees has always been biking, so now that I can get back on the bike my knee stability should improve/strengthen and that will help my running.

Well I got two rides in the uncommonly warm days we’ve been having sporadically. Unfortunately, I apparently left the GPS watch on after my first ride so the battery was dead for the second – so no cool stats on that one.

  • March 13th Bike 12.75 miles – no stats
  • March 8th Bike 8.60 miles – 43:04 (12mph, 361 cals)

My bike course starts with an good uphill length to get the heart pounding – and in these cases my Asthma kicking… more proof I didn’t keep my cardo on track this summer. Oh well, at least I maintained the rest of my Navy Training. I have found your cardo will recover to a previously attained level as long as the rest of you body can handle the strain.