E-Car Roundup

So as gas climbs to $4 and beyond, suddenly there seems to be a host of companies rushing to the rescue with their enviro-friendly car. So much so that I thought I would assemble them into one place for easy shopping. Interestingly many of these cars are not a friendly to your pocketbook as they are mother Earth.

Tesla Roadster – $109,000 telsa-roadster.jpg

  • Fully electric
  • 0-60 in 3.9 seconds
  • 125 mph (limited) top speed
  • 220 mile range
  • 2 seater

Tesla just opened a dealership in LA, but there is currently a 1000 vehicle waiting list since production was slowed due to transmission problems. Full production should be back up in December with the backlog cleared up by Spring.

Fisker Karma – $80,000 fisker-karma-electric-hybrid.jpg

  • Mostly electric
  • 0-6 in < 6 seconds
  • 125+ mph top speed
  • 50 mile electric only range
  • 100-650 mile hybrid mode range*
  • 4 seater
  • External speakers make sports car sounds when in electric mode

*The claims for both the range on gas and even the gas tank size are all over the place online. The lack of info regarding this on the company web site makes me believe the truth is on the low side of the speculation.

Preproduction models have been sold but regular production models won’t arrive until mid-2010.

Think City – $25,000 think-city.JPG

  • Fully electric
  • 65 mph top speed
  • 110 mile range
  • 4 seater

Goes on sale 2009 in the US

Green Vehicles Traic – $20,000 triac-rear-three-quarter.jpg

  • Fully electric
  • 80 mph top speed
  • 100 mile range
  • 2 Seater

Available “now” according to the company. Expect supplies to be limited until the company can get a full production line moving.

UPDATE: Green Vehicles are supposed to start shipping this July.

Toyota Prius 3rd Gen – $20-29,000 prius-ver3-concept.jpg

  • Hybrid
  • 160 HP (up 17 from 08)
  • 50-55 mpg
  • 0-60 in 12 seconds*
  • 99 mph top speed*
  • 4 seater

*08 Model specs