Honda Brings Back The CRX

It’s awesome to see my favorite old car revived as the CRZ hybrid. Tho I wish it could make 150hp instead of just 122. Still the Fit is pretty peppy with it’s 109hp so it should be fun to drive …

BMW Concept Car-Cycle

BMW next car is the motorcycle your mom would let you ride. :) Simple is the acronym for sustainable and innovative mobility product for low energy consumption, a vehicle concept combining features and advantages of both motorcars and motorcycles. YouTube

Tom Blumer has a interesting perspective on the sharp decline – 42% and 45% – of GM and Chrysler. Reviewing September’s detailed sales results in the car business carried at the Wall Street Journal, three things stick out immediately: * …

The military grade Precision Urban Hopper. Video

GM Admits People Are Jealous Of WheelChairs

Since the Segway didn’t deliver on the hype to revolutionalize urban areas, the company has partnered with GM to create a “seqway built for two”. Please hold a moment while we check our calendars. Nope, it’s definitely not April 1. …

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