Tri Shorts Testing

Today was my last big ride before the race and the official wet test of my new running shorts.  There are actual tri-unitards that the pros use.  I personally don’t like them A) they run well in excess of $100 B) they have a bike pad in them.  Bike pads are great for biking – not so great for running. I recently added true bike shorts to my workout arsenal.  I have learned that once you cross about 20 miles on a bike, better shorts become more necessary.  So while I use bike shorts for long bike rides, they don’t work well for multisport – at least for me personally.

Anyway my new running shorts featured a very breathable tech short with a pseudo-spandex compression short underneath.  In order to simulate race conditions I thoughly soaked the shorts before my ride today.  They passed with flying colors – by mile 2 they were as dry as my sweating would allow and induced zero chaffing.  They are made by Asics, cost $40, and come in a few colors.  Check your local running shops for them.

I tried several different clothing solutions, but this was by far the best and I wholeheartedly recommend them to tri-beginners not ready for the unitard duck waddle running.  I was glad to find them as my race is only a week away.

  •  Bike 21 miles – 1:26:08 (14.7mph, 968cals) a hilly course was choosen as the race course is hillier than most.