Tri Training Concerns

As race day is beginning to loom large, I set out to do another full prep day.  My goal was to average 15mph on the full bike length and see how well my run would stack up after that.  I happily exceeded my bike speed goal and started off the run well.  I was staying just ahead of my virtual partner which I had set at a 12 min mile pace up until mile 4.  At that point I experienced some bad leg cramping that slowed me to a not to fast walk.  After a mile at that pace the last loop of the trail was abandoned.  This cramping incident has me worried about race day as I will also be swimming for 30+ minutes in addition to the bike before the run.  Some walking mixed with the run is fine, but painfully slow walking (ha ha) will really hurt my overall time.

  • Bike 26.77 miles – 1:42:36 (15.7mph, 1225cals)
  • Run 5.37 miles – 1:15:07 (14min mile pace due to cramping, 536cals)