Conservative vs Liberal

Ah stereotypes. You gotta love ’em. Of course here at ScottSoapbox everyone is totally unbiased — just like the rest of the media. We’re just unbiased in the other direction. ;)

Conservative vs Liberal (do you know the difference?)

As a Conservative and Liberal are walking down the street, they come upon a homeless person. The Conservative gives the homeless person his business card and tells him to come to his business for a job. He then takes twenty dollars out of his pocket and gives it to the homeless person.

The Liberal is very impressed, and when they come to another homeless person, he decides to help. He walks over to the homeless person and gives him directions to the welfare office. He then reaches into the Conservative’s pocket and pulls out twenty dollars. He keeps $15 for administrative fees and gives the homeless person $5.

This clearly defines the difference between a Conservative and Liberal