South Park Sounds

I found this cleaning out some old files on the server. I believe I put this together in '98. Thought I would dust it off and link to it on the new site.

Sound Files (.wav)

Cheesy Poofs (16K)   They Killed Kenny! (28K)
South Park Theme (280K)   Y R U So Cool? (69K)
Kick the Baby (16K)   I'm Going Home (23K)
Gayest Dog (21K)   Gun in 'Nam (21K)
Kenny Talks (24K)   It's Comin (26K)
Hippie Indian (40K)   Yeah Hippie (37K)
Beef Cake! (41K)   Hunting Supplies (63K)
Follow Your Dreams (57K)   Don't Be Gay (70K)
I'm Not Fat (149K)   Book Depository (95K)
'Nam Flashback (82K)   Bad Kitty (81K)
Kitty Kitty (74K)   Lookin' Ripped (57K)
Tea Party (132K)   Tea Party 2 (109K)
Whatever (69K)   Da Cheesy Poofs (54K)
Potty Mouth (119K)   Forget (75K)
In The Ghetto (172K)   Snacky Cakes (43K)
Whatever (69K)   Stan & TV (63K)
Sweet (59K)

These sounds are just the begining…

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