Tri Training Update

I’ve had several people comment on my lack of preparation for my upcoming triathlon event.  Truth is the lack has actually been in the posting not the training so here’s a recap from my garmin training buddy:

June 11th

  • Bike 16 miles – 1:12:25 (16.0mph, 671cals)
  • Swim 34 minutes continuous* (396cals)

June 14th

  • Bike 27.73 miles – 2:03:28 (13.5mph, 1175cals)
  • Run 2.23 miles – 24:49 (11:09pace, 262cals)

June 17th

  • Bike 26.57 miles – 1:47:40 (14.8mph, 1193cals)
  • Run 2.17 miles – 26:23 (12:10pace,  249cals) run cut short due to leg cramp

June 22nd

  • Bike 19.14 miles – 1:20:12 (14.3mph,  810cals)

June 25th

  • Swim 40 minutes continuous (466cals)
  • Run 6.2 miles – 1:35:53 (treadmill intervals)

*Since the swim course is down river, actual swim distance is difficult to calculate accurately.  By looking at previous race data, I estimate my swim time should be in the 30-35 minute range. This is at a conservative pace since my main goal for the swim is not speed but efficiency. (Online references have breaststroke at 700 calories an hour at my weight range)