This guy has a site dedicated to the “Worst Modified Cars in the UK”…. i donno though… maybe the worst is just a lot -uh- worster here in the states but many of these aren’t bad (if you like Novas), …

Apparently the wedding with one-time TV star Herby went well. The clear VW traded in her wedding attire for a gold ensemble instead.

This is a cool, see through (mostly at least) VW Bug. I’m not sure if they were going for a wedding theme – no they were. -sniff- Herby’s got himself a bride!

This spherical Volkswagen Bus sculpture by Lars-Erik Fisk is pretty cool. VW Sculpture

Researchers have finally unlocked the secrets to a drawing of the first self propelled vehicle created by Leonardo Da Vinci 426 years ago. The vehicle was clockwork powered and may have been created for some very avant garde special effects. …