Fixing My Desktop’s Noise & Heat

When Intel released it’s iCore CPUs a few years ago, it was a huge step forward in processing power.  Reading up on how overclockable the the entry level i7 was, I ordered my own and built a new desktop around …

Sony Nex-3N – Smaller Body, Lens & Price

Sony just announced the latest update to the entry level Nex-3 line. It includes a noticeably smaller body, the smaller collapsilble lens first introduced with the Nex-6 and a $100 cheaper MSRP than its predecessor. In this case, smaller IS …

Tablet Takeover Infographic

Just as laptops once edged out desktops, so tablets have also begun to replace laptops for many users. Tablets have rapidly become the most quickly adopted piece of technology to hit the market in years, and they’re revolutionizing computing portability. …

Google Maps Quest

For April 1st Google is pulling several pranks but the best is by far the Quest option on Google maps. Simply visit google maps and on the right click the “Quest” option next to the standard “Satellite” option. Wow, I …

Gunpoint Preview: Best Indie Game Of 2012?

I’ve been beta-testing a new game recently and it’s too good not to share – you know, in a quick review, that is, not the actual game.  Gunpoint is a “game about rewiring things and punching people” according to creator Tom …


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