Site News

It looks like the site bugs were finally dispelled by a complete server wipe and reload.  Stories will be mirrored in from our sister site at their original posting date.  IE Older stories will magically appear soon.

Somehow updating my google analytics module has broken all sorts of stuff.  LOTS of stuff that has nothing to do with that module?!?!?! Most of my themes aren’t working but this one is mostly functional until i can figure out …

Sorry about the outage folks.  We outgrew our old server and needed to move to a bigger, faster server.

Well it seems as though every two years, I get tired of the site.  So I reinvent it. I know, I know, I’m about a month early but whataya going to do?

Due to overwhelming comment spam, we have removed the online comments from the site. We still welcome comments, criticism, stories, links, sites, praise & fanfare… just shoot us an email instead of using the comment link. Thanks, Management

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